Brand Portfolio

And savored across America

Indiana Packers is home to a family of brands with a long history in foodservice, meeting all varieties of restaurant, hospitality and institutional operations, satisfying the diverse tastes and preferences of consumers everywhere.

Kentucky Legend®

Number One for a Reason!

Being number one is no accident! Kentucky Legend is the top-selling boneless ham and smoked turkey breast in retail.

We are proudly expanding our presence in foodservice through a range of high quality ham items, franks and premium tier 1 bacon.

kentucky legend


Authentic Midwest Quality

Our flagship brand continues to be a mainstay in commercial foodservice kitchens across the country. Everyone from executive menu developers to line cooks appreciate Indiana Kitchen’s Premium Pork Products for their high quality and menu versatility.

indiana kitchen

Quincy Street® Meats

A Foodservice Favorite for Decades

From its founding in 1955, Quincy Street’s sourcing, operations and product offerings have been specially developed to serve the needs of restaurant owners and foodservice buying groups alike. You, your customers and your bottom line will love Quincy Street.

quincy street

Kentuckian gold® deli mEATS

a Taste That’s Good as Gold

Higher-end deli operations, particularly those that prefer to slice their own meats, have come to appreciate our Kentuckian Gold for its immense flavor, distinct tenderness, slice integrity and menu-expanding variety.

kentuckian gold

Field® and fischer's®

Tried & True Quality for Classic
American Tastes

Two storied brands, built on the mass appeal of hot dogs, sausages and other traditional American fare, offer a range of solutions for foodservice operations.