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We bring the same attention to detail and quality to our pizza toppings that we bring to everything else. We serve only the very best ham and bacon toppings in a variety of flavors—available in labor-saving formats that reduce prep time in the kitchen.

Our Pizza Topping Products

ItemDescriptionCase GTINTareLb/case Avg wtPackDimensionsTieHighShipCubeShelf LifeBrand
10270Diced Ham 1/4" x 1/4" x 1/4", Gas Flushed106327601027090.7010#2/5#14.000 x 10.000 x 4.500108Frozen0.44180 daysQSI
10271Diced Ham 3/8" x 3/8" x 3/8", Gas Flushed106327601027160.7010#2/5#14.3125 x10.3125 x 5.125108Fresh0.4475 daysQSI
10294Flaked Ham 1/4" (Fresh)106327601029450.8824#3/8#12.625 x 9.125 x 9.375154Fresh0.6375 daysQSI
11445Canadian Bacon from Sirloin Hips, 62-66106327601144500.8410#4/2.5#14.0625 x 8.0625 x 6.375146Fresh0.4290 daysQSI
11660Uncured All Natural Canadian Bacon from Loins106327601166070.7412#4/3#14.3125 x 10.3125 x 5.125108Fresh0.4490 daysQSI
9074Smoked Ham Pieces 2/5LBS100-35600-09074-50.73310#2/5#14.938 x 10.313 x 4.9381111Frozen0.44180 daysField
9098Diced Ham 10LBS100-35600-09098-10.97910#2/5#13.563x10.813x3.8751111Frozen0.329180 daysField

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